How much do you charge for your services?

Considering that each event is unique, I highly encourage every couple to ask for a custom quote based on their specific needs. For the 2025 season, wedding coverage starts at 8.000€, elopement coverage starts at 4.000€, and couple sessions start at 900€. Feel free to send me an enquiry to receive my pricing list and information.

I am based in Rome, but travel all over Italy (and Europe) during wedding season. I'm often in Tuscany, Lake Como, the Dolomites, Venice, Sicily, Puglia and Amalfi Coast. I love to travel and will be happy to reach you anywhere in the world to capture the story of your wedding day! During the rest of the year I am on a mission to chase summer, so you'll probably find me somewhere warm between Australia, Bali or South East Asia.

Where are you based?

Do you travel for weddings?


The short answer would be: all the time that it's needed. I always make sure to deliver a selection of highlights within one month from the wedding date, so that you have pictures to share with your friends and family right after. I'll then work on the full gallery making sure to give every shot the attention it deserves, to deliver a high-quality result. Average delivery time for weddings is 3 months.

Even if I'm capable of handling intimate events on my own, having a second shooter is always a great benefit. It allows to capture more photographs and get different angles of the same moments, such as both your getting ready, close ups as well as wide angles, action and reaction (especially during first look, vows, speeches). When I have a second photographer by my side, I'm able to get more creative shots and to get lost among the guests, capturing unique little moments that are worth to be remembered, because I'm sure there's always someone focused on you when I'm not there. Fore events with more than 90 guests, and in case the bride and groom are not getting ready in the same location, a second shooter is required.


As a professional photographer I believe in the power of storytelling, and selecting the final images is a huge part of my job. Trust me, your really don't want to spend days going through 3000+ photos shot on a wedding day... let me (and my well-trained eyes) do it! I will deliver a complete gallery which perfectly tells your whole day, from the beginning to the end, including every moment that counts. If you purchase anything printed, you’ll be able to choose which pictures to include in your album/prints amongst the delivered ones.



I am a huge fan of everything analog, from handpoke tattoos to film photography. I truly believe film is not dead, and there's nothing more fascinating than shooting memories the good old way. Along with my digital work, I am available to shoot a couple film rolls on the day, or I can arrange to have an expert colleague to join me and cover the whole day on film only. As a former graphic designer, I also offer a variety of albums, prints and USB boxes as add-ons to my photographic packages. If you purchase anything physical, it will be my pleasure to guide you trough a design journey to create the perfect, fully customized heirloom for you.


When I shoot weddings, I mix both documentary and editorial photography. I don't stick to one specific style because every couple is so different, and I love to showcase the unique personality of each one. As I aim to represent reality and give back honest memories, I'll always try to interact, shoot and edit in a way that is reflective of who my couples are and how things actually felt.

how would you define your style?

The wedding galleries I deliver are usually a candid reportage of the day, including the most important moments alongside with some more poetic and editorial highlights here and there. I love to focus on emotions and human interaction, as well as on the details and those evocative scenes that speak about the feeling of the day. I am not afraid of imperfection and "mistakes", which to me represent an artistic choice. I always make sure to have the must-shots (including formal portraits and group pictures) as well as more creative and imperfect captures (such as my beloved motion blur shots).

what should we expect to receive in the final gallery?

how do you work on the wedding day?

My approach to the wedding day is very relaxed and spontaneous, and most of all unique and in line with the personality and desires of every single couple. I mostly capture the main moments in an organic way, documenting what happens in front of me without changing the normal course of the events. At the same time I will support you when a bit more direction is needed (for example during the couple portraits), and will give recommendations when necessary. This way, I can make sure to give you back memories that are as close to reality as possible, but with a special attention to angles and lighting.